EnjoyUrban Forest Tourwith us!

With the comfort of forest bathing
Reclaim yourself
at the forest and park in the city.


Do you have any experience like these recently?

  • CASE 1
    Getting annoyed
    somehow all the time
  • CASE 2
    Feel tired and
    depressed all the time
  • CASE 3
    Cannot sleep well
    although tired

itswellness offers forest bathing experiences and tours
that enhance the wellness of people
through the healing power of forest bathing


    Do you know about
    Urban Forest Tour?

    Have you experienced anything like these- “Getting annoyed somehow all the time” “Cannot sleep well” “Feeling tired and depressed all the time”. Forest bathing was originated in Japan in the 1980’s and is now enjoyed by people all over the world. It is also attracting attention as a preventive health promotion method, as relaxing in the forest relieves stress and fatigue, and helps the mind and body better connect with each other.

    In Meiji Shrine

    Why don’t you experience
    Urban Forest Tour with us?

    A time spent relaxing in the forest will bring you a sense of relaxation and reassurance that is rarely felt in everyday life. When you visit Japan, try a “forest bathing experience” in urban parks and forests?

    In Imperial Palace and Kitanomaru park

    Our thoughts

    itswellness wants people who are busy every day and do not have time to visit parks or forests to experience healing through forest bathing (Urban Forest Tours). We are an NPO run by members who are business people working in the city. All members want to create an stress-free society with the help of natures’s healing power.

    In Zojoji Temple, Atago Shrine

    First forest bathing experience

    “Forest Bathing Experience” and “Urban Forest Tour” are guided by professional guides and interpreter guides certified in forest bathing, forest therapy, and forestry instructor. First-time participants also enjoyed the experience, saying, “I didn’t know there was a forest like this in Tokyo!” “I feel refreshed.” “I feel relaxed.” “It was a peaceful experience.”

    In Hama-rikyu Gardens


itswellness operates in the world’s leading business cities such as
Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka.

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