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We at itswellness pursue to enhance the wellness of businesspeople by harnessing the healing power of nature. Come join us into the forests and parks!


Creating a stress-free society through the healing power of nature

The mission of the NPO itswellness is “to create a society where everyone can experience their own happiness. Behind the setting of this mission is the high-speed pace of society and work that leaves little time for breathing, the ongoing division of values around the world, and the prevalence of negative stresses such as tension and anger.

For example, in Japan, about 60% of Japanese businesspeople are still unimproved from the stress that has persisted since the 1990s. Around 17,000 companies have established a “health management” system, which has been promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry since 2015. The remaining 1.76 million companies are still in the process of establishing such system, as are the self-employed and freelancers.

As we enter the “100-year life period,” in which people will continue to work for 50 or 60 years, businesspeople living in an advanced technological society that requires constant improvement and relearning of skills, just have to better control their stress.

On a personal note, I have experienced that because of leaving a strong work-related stress unattended, I became ill, and it took me a long time to recover.

In the process, I encountered forest bathing* and was healed by the healing power of nature (phytoncide emitted by trees, negative ions, 1/f fluctuation, etc.) and regained my physical and mental health. At the same time, I learned what it means to live (not just work, nor just self-gratification) and what it means to be happy.

These experiences have led me to seek a stress-free work, workplace, relationship and community. One of the solutions was self-care in nature, which led me to start a wellness tour business that includes forest bathing.

Now, I am pleased that the healing power of nature is always with me, and when I am in the forest, I always feel safe and secured, surrounded by very calm and clean atmosphere.

If you have such feelings, why don’t you join our urban forest tours?

  • Somehow you always feel annoyed
  • You feel tired and heavy
  • You feel anxious or lost
  • You want to relax
  • You want to feel loosened from the core of your body

When I talk to businesspeople about forest bathing, I often hear the answer, “I’m too busy to go to the park (much less the forest). However, as I recovered from my mental breakdown thanks to the effect of forest bathing, I would like to encourage busy people to go to the forest.

Having a relaxing time in the forest or a city park will give you a feeling of relaxation, peace of mind, and looseness that you would not feel in your daily life.

And by experiencing this slower time, you become aware of your own stress condition and can eliminate stress before it builds up too much, starting a virtuous cycle of self-transformation.

Even if we live in a society 100 years from now, stressors will probably not disappear from this world.
However, I have always believed that each of us can lighten or mitigate stress conditions by becoming more in control of our stress.
We would like to bring you a relaxing forest time in the middle of the city, hoping that the day will come when all working people can feel happiness without stress.

What is Forest Bathing?

“Forest Bathing”, also known as “Shinrin-yoku,” is a concept that originated in Japan. It is the act of spending time in parks, gardens and forests while engaging all your five senses to relax and recharge.

itswellness Founder. CEO
Shinrin-yoku Project FounderYukako Kimura

Certified General Travel Supervisor, Forest Therapist, Mental Health Social Worker, Senior Health Care Manager
After working at FCoop and Orange Page Co., Ltd., I established an editorial production company (later a publishing company). I served as president and editor-in-chief for about 20 years. Meanwhile, due to the chronic fatigue and stress I experienced, I established an NPO in 2008 to support patients with lifestyle-related diseases. Through these activities, I focused on the health benefits that greenery (nature) can bring to people and encountered forest bathing. From 2018, I began by establishing Wellness Tours that included forest bathing. Then, in 2020, I rebranded and reestablished the NPO under the name itswellness for the second time, and registered it as a travel agency. In August of the same year, I established the “Forest Bathing Project” to improve the stress of businesspeople. Currently, itswellness is working with companies and organizations in various regions to reduce social stress and improve people’s quality of live through forest bathing day trips, tours, and online forest bathing.


At itswellness, more than a dozen members from forest bathing, medicine, travel, guiding, technology, video, etc. gather to promote 5 teams and 5 projects in order to improve the stress rooted in society through the healing power of nature. Many of our members are multi-contractors, and we are working while making the most of each individual’s expertise and potential.

I want to provide a place where you can return to your origins.

When I was a flight attendant for Japan Airlines, on the morning I arrived at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Hawaii, I would sit on a bench under a tree in a park in Waikiki and refresh myself while feeling the scent of the trees and the sea breeze. I became involved in forest bathing at itswellness, and when I started visiting forests and parks in various places, I realized that the time I spent in Waikiki was “forest bathing.” We would like to contribute to the improvement of wellness by proposing a place where businesspeople can return to their origins by fusing nature, hot baths, food culture, etc.

Noriko Inoue

Itswellness Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Forest Therapy Guide

Revitalization of office workers

I am passionate about improving the work style of office workers (especially middle managers) who are busy and tend to feel tired every day so that they can recover their health and energy. I was instinctively motivated to participate in the forest bathing project because I love nature which always heals my mind and body. I would like to revitalize office workers by promoting park shinrin-yoku that is avalable for anyone anywhere at anytime.

Park Shinrinyoku

Shinrin-yoku project co-founder and Business strategy team

Free yourself from the noise of daily life!

Walking slowly in the forest is effective for refreshing the mind and body. By listening to the sounds of nature, such as the rustling of leaves, the wind, and the chirping of birds, you can relax and free yourself from the noise of daily life. As a result, your mind becomes clear, and your concentration and creativity can increase.

Keisuke Fukunaga

Technology team

Relieve stress by incorporating greenery into your daily life!

When you come to Japan, I would highly recommend experiencing Japan’s greenery that gives you inner peace and attracts you. itswellness offers plans that allow you to fully immerse yourself in greenery, so please give it a try. You will definitely be hooked on the greenery.


Marketing & Technology Team

Toward a society where people can live healthy and active lives

I work in IT at a healthcare and technology company. It makes me happy to see the smiles of people living healthy and active lives.


Shinrin-yoku project co-founder, Technology team

Let us help healing your day-to-day stress with our tour!

Many businesspeople, myself included, are stressed daily for a variety of reasons, including digital-related, business development, and organizational management. Reduce these stresses and achieve a healthy body and mind through our Urban Forest Tours!

Kenji Murai

Activity Team / Certified Domestic Travel Supervisor / National Licensed Guide Interpreter

Move, eat and travel moderately

I try to exercise moderately (especially karate and marathons), eat moderately (especially with good wine), and travel moderately (especially hot spring inns). Let’s enjoy our tours together.


Activity Team / National Licensed Guide Interpreter

Spend time slowly in the green forest

If you’re tired of the daily stress, why not refresh your body and mind with forest bathing? Let’s spend a slow time together surrounded by the green forest.


Activity team

We will create a comfortable tour

Wanted to plan wellness tours and acquired a travel agency license. In the activity team, I am in charge of product development around tours. We are working on development, hoping to realize a tour where everyone can relax and be comfortable in nature.

Aya Fukuda

co-founder of itswellness, Activity team


Connections with external partners

Forest bathing can be enjoyed not only in suburban forests and unexplored wilderness areas, but also in large parks, gardens, temple and shrine grounds, and green spaces. We work with external partners in various regions to conserve and utilize Japan’s forest environments, which boast diverse vegetation ranging from the subtropical zone of Okinawa to the subarctic zone of eastern Hokkaido.


that of us itswellness

  • 01
    Entrepreneurial vision
    A society where everyone can realize their own happiness
  • 02
    Entrepreneurial mission
    Utilizing nature for human health
  • 03
    business mission
    Wellness forest bathing in the daily life of working people


itswellness initiatives

The activities (tours) of itswellness are based on the concept of “a future trips that are healthy for people and the earth”. We pursue programs and guidance that simultaneously fulfill environmental conservation (ecosystem health). For those who wish to participate in tours but cannot go outside, we are also developing programs such as online forest bathing and aromatherapy using trees so that they can enjoy forest bathing in the comfort of their own home.

  • Wellness forest bathing

    This forest bathing tour focuses on improving stress and fatigue for working and busy people. A 30+ minute forest walk in the park is a refreshing change of pace.

  • Urban Forest Tour

    This is a multilingual forest bathing tour for foreigners. These tours are designed to improve the health of our customers and to familiarize them with Japan’s forest environment and diverse ecosystems.

  • online forest bathing

    Dedicated guides and video creators visit the unique forest environments of each region and conduct online tours. Thirty tours have been conducted so far since the program began in 2021.

  • tree based aromatherapy

    For those who, for whatever reason or circumstance, are unable to participate in forest bathing, the program provides advice on healing at home using aroma oils under the guidance of a medical professional.

  • Forest bathing effect measurement

    We provide evidence information of forest bathing published by doctors and researchers around the world and develop a system for measuring effectiveness under the supervision of experts.

  • SDGs

    Our work and activities are particularly relevant to Goal 3 Health, Goal 11 Sustainable Cities, Goal 13 Climate Change, Goal 14 Marine Resources and Goal 15 Land Resources.


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